13 Famous Paintings by Peter Paul Rubens

11. Fall of the Damned

Peter Paul Rubens

Image Credit: Art 100 Final Project

It’s also known as Fall of the Rebel Angels. This 1620 oil on canvas shows a jumble of damned bodies, about to be thrown into an abyss. It’s a monumental and religious work by Rubens. Veteran art historian David Freedberg, labelled the painting as a brilliantly assembled portrayal of luscious naked flesh. The 286cm x 224cm painting can be viewed at Alte Pinakothek, Munich.

12. Het Pelsken

Peter Paul Rubens

Image Credit: Amazon News

Also known as The Fur, Het Pelsken is a 1639 portrait of Helena Fourment, the second wife of Rubens. The woman is shown in nude except for some fur. Rubens painted Helena with erect nipples, and curly hair. The expression on her face is difficult to understand. There’s a sense of mystery to it. This 176cm x 83cm oil on wood can be seen at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.

13. Hygeia

Peter Paul Rubens

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

According to Greek mythology, Hygeia is the goddess of health. In this 1615 oil on oak panel, Hygeia and her snake symbolises health. She is the daughter of healing. It seems Peter Paul Rubens tried hard to deliver the message of health, with Hygeia shown as a robust and healthy woman. Showing one breast could be the symbol of fertility. But the mood of this painting is light and reflects the subject’s mythological background. Whereabouts of the painting is unknown.

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