15 Most Outstanding Paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci

11. Salvatore Mundi (1490)

Paintings By Leonardo Da Vinci

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The first ever known owner of this painting was King Charles I of England. This is a painting of Jesus Christ, as the Savior of the World or Salvatore Mundi. Jesus is holding a crystal sphere in his left hand and his right hand is raised. The clothing used in this painting is very true to the Renaissance age; he is giving a benediction.

12. The Battle of Anghiari (1505)

Paintings By Leonardo Da Vinci

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This painting is also referred to as “The Lost Leonardo” because it was a lost painting by Leonardo. The painting depicts four men raging war and engaging themselves in a full-fledged battle. This painting was based on the Battle of Anghiari.

13. Head of a woman (1508)

Paintings By Leonardo Da Vinci

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It is one of those Da Vinci paintings which was made sometime in early 1500. Also known as La Scapigliata, this painting was made during the Renaissance when there was an art-period-high. This painting is more about a woman filtering her inner state, rather than thinking about the outside world; the mind seems to be suspended in the depiction of this painting.

14. The Last Supper (1498)

Da Vinci Paintings

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This painting happens to be one of the greatest and most popular Leonardo Da Vinci artwork. This masterpiece depicts a picture of Jesus Christ and his twelve disciples when Christ reveals that one of his disciples will betray him. It is a beautiful painting and happens to be one of the most sold posters of Da Vinci Paintings. The real painting is located at the monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie, which is located at Milan in Italy. The painting is a tempera on Gesso, and covers a large wall at the monastery.

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15. Mona Lisa (1503-1505)

Da Vinci Paintings

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Definitely the world’s most famous painting and undoubtedly the best painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Made by oil on cottonwood, this painting is held by Louvre, Museum in Paris, France. This is perhaps one of the most known, most sung and written about painting across the globe. Her smile is the subject matter of this infamous painting; the elusive smile on her face is known as “la Gioconda” which in English means “the laughing one”. As per critics, this is a painting of Lisa Gherardini who was the wife of a merchant. Da Vinci, kept this painting with him till the very end and did not deliver it to his commissioner, because he never completed it, since he was seeking perfection with this one.

Leonardo Da Vinci without a shadow of doubt is definitely one of the most gifted painters the world has ever seen. His paintings are surreal and look almost lifelike. No doubt, he has always been an inspiration for painters and art lovers across the globe.

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