15 Most Outstanding Paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci

6. Baptism of Christ (1472)

Leonardo Da Vinci Artwork

Image Credit: dineroclub

Leonardo Da Vinci made this painting at a very young age of 23. The details in this work of art are typical of Da Vinci’s style. The angel holding the mantle was his contribution, the softness on the face and the brightness on the eyes are the main standout of this painting.

7. The adoration of Magi (1481)

Leonardo Da Vinci Artwork

Image Credit: wikimedia

This was the very first commissioned paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci. It was given to him by the Augustinian Monks of San Donato. This painting was supposed to be made for the main altar of the monastery and he was given around 30 months to complete it. But, Leonardo departed to Milan the year after, and the painting remained largely incomplete. Figure composition as well as personal drama is the prime components of this painting.

8. Annunciation (1475)


Image Credit: icanvas

This is yet another masterpiece by the genius painter. It depicts Virgin Mary being visited by the Archangel Gabriele, to inform her that she will be conceiving and giving birth to the Son of God, Lord Jesus. It is believed that this painting was collaboration between Da Vinci and his teacher Andrea Del Verrocchio.

9. Portrait of a man in red chalk (1512)

Leonardo Da Vinci

Image Credit: wikimedia

It is a self-portrait of Leonardo the Vinci and the only one which has survived over the years. The picture is of an old wise man, with long hair and beard, it is probably because of this depiction that Leonardo has been termed as the “Renaissance man”. It is believed that this painting has some magical powers, and it was secretly removed from Turin and was taken to Rome, when the World War II was taking place so that Hitler could not be influenced by it.

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10. Vitruvian Man (1490)

Leonardo Da Vinci

Image Credit: payload128

The Vitruvian man is held by Gallerie Dell’ Academia which is located in Venice, Italy. The painting is made on paper, and ink is used to create it. It is the depiction of a man in a square and circle, and has written text on it. This painting has an architectural influence on it.

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