Top 13 Most Famous Paintings by Henri Matisse

11. Portrait of Sergei Shchukin

Henri Matisse paintings

Image Credit: metmuseum

This was another Henri Matisse painting regarding the portraits he interestingly drew. It is a charcoal drawing that is a swift work of strokes and shows the Russian merchant in great detail. He has obviously experimented with the dark and light shading but more subtly he has not painted his eyes which make him seem mysterious and enigmatic. This stands out as one of the memoirs from Henri.

12. Still Life With Books And Candle

Artist Matisse

Image Credit: rackcdn

Yet another excellent masterpiece by Artist Matisse! A great depiction of peaceful life is shown and this painting has remained a favorite of bibliophiles all over the world. A candle on candelabra along with piled up books make for a perfect art piece that shows the beauty of silence in life. Old books present in the picture are perfectly added to show the importance of every book you have read.

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13. The Open Window

Artist Matisse

Image Credit: staticflickr

The Open Window, Colllioure came out in the year 1905. It is yet another brilliant work of art by Henry Matisse who showed us some free use of colors in this picture. This view from a window is a flawless exhibition of Matissean motif with distortion of colors in the most dramatic way. The glazed door, the lovely flower pots resting on the window sill overlooking the lofty sails and clear sky are the elements that complete this beauty of a picture.

Even though the world remembers artist Henri Matisse as a rival of famous painter Pablo Picasso, he was more than just a painter. His sculptures are well renowned and just like his paintings; they too are a depiction of human life and naked bodies. It was a vision of Henri Matisse to create an art by his various works that connects to the real world and even gets appreciated by the ordinary man. He fully worked on that idea and depicting the same, made an impact on this world. Much of his work was inspired by real world and unlike many fellow painters he used more of reality and less of imagination.

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