Top 13 Most Famous Paintings by Henri Matisse

6. Fruit And Coffee pot

Henri Matisse artwork

Image Credit: wikimedia

In the Fruit and Coffeepot painting, Henry Matisse shows a dining table with a bowl full of fruits and a coffeepot with a cup of tea. This goes on to tell that he deeply cared for his art to connect to the common man. His use of intermixed colors shows his skills in use of different strokes and styles.

7. The Young Sailor

Henri Matisse artwork

Image Credit: metmuseum

Henri Matisse was personally not in favor of being in a depressed state and hence he showed a sense of liveliness in his paintings. His work, The Young Sailor that came in 1906 shows this part of his belief. It is intentionally made in a non symmetric fashion to create a connection of congruence between the amateur viewer and professional Matisse. This was his greatness, to connect with his viewers.

8. The Moroccans

Henri Matisse

Image Credit: digitaljournal

In this Henri Matisse painting, he portrayed the experience in Morocco. Besides having a tilt towards the shadier side of expressions, it also had some shadow work by depicting strong outlines. Most people connect to artist Matisse because of his simplicity and plain nature in drawing just as in this one. This one seems deep but really is more about use of art than philosophy.

9. Goldfish

Henri Matisse paintings

Image Credit: teachkidsart

This one basically is the life of a goldfish from an objective lens. The depth of red color for fishes is eye catching and richness in texturing via art connects to the viewer. It vaguely suggests the connection between a life of boundaries and freedom although Henri Matisse never makes it overt. Other than that he also used a lot of simple patterns which go along with his style of art.

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10. View of Collioure

Henri Matisse paintings

Image Credit: wikiart

This oil on canvas work was a beautifully projected work regarding nature. Since most of Henri’s work was what he personally experienced, it was one of those. This is a painted view from a window when he stayed in a harbor facing apartment in a fishing village. The curves are not sharp but they are appreciable because of their depth of colors used. Moreover, it showcases more of nature and less of civilization and there is no portrayal of man. It shows artist Henri’s interest in aspects regarding primal life.

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