15 Famous Christian Art Paintings

6. Madonna del Prato, Raphael

Christian art

Image Credit: Art and the Bible

This oil on board was painted when Raphael was in Florence. The artwork is now housed at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna. The painting is popularly known as Madonna of the Meadow. It shows Virgin Mary looking at baby Jesus, while his cousin John the Baptist, is knelt down and offering him a cross. The painting was commissioned by Taddeo Taddei, an Italian nobleman, and stayed with the family until the 1660s. It was sold to the Archduke of Austria, Ferdinand Charles.

7. The Immaculate Conception, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo

Christian art

Image Credit: Fineartamerica

There are several works of the Spanish painter with the same title at the Museo Nacional Del Prado, Madrd. The one that we have included in our list of Christian paintings is about 274.32cm x 190.50cm long. The Immaculate Conception is based on the premise that Mary—the pure vessel that will carry Jesus—was conceived sans any original sin. According to the Roman Catholic Church, after Mary’s conception, she was given graces that were usually awarded via baptism after a child is born.

8. San Zaccaria Altarpiece, Giovanni Bellini

Christian art

Image Credit: e-arthistory

The Italian Renaissance artist Giovanni Bellini painted this oil on canvas in 1505. The San Zaccaria Altarpiece is one of the early Christian art that depicts Virgin Mary with baby Jesus at the centre of the frame, flanked by Saint Catherine of Alexandria and Saint Peter the Apostle on the left and Saint Lucy and Saint Gerome on the right, as an angel plays violin at the altar’s foot. The painting can be seen at the Church of San Zaccaria, Venice.

9. Pessaro Madonna, Titian

Christian art

Image Credit: Ibiblio

The painting was commissioned by Jacobo Pesaro and was painted by Titian from 1519 to 1526. It depicts Virgin Mary and baby Jesus on a raised platform. Pesaro is seen kneeling down and being presented to Our Lady by Saint Peter. An unknown knight holds a red banner having papal arms, along with two unidentified prisoners, probably indicating Pesaro’s triumph as a papal fleet commander. Saint Francis of Assisi is shown in the right, presenting five kneeling Pesaro family members to Jesus. The painting was made for the Pesaro chapel, Frari Basicilca, Venice, and still remains there.

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10. Coronation of the Virgin, Diego Velázquez

Christian art

Image Credit: Diego-Velazquez

In this early Christian art, Mary is at the center, Jesus on the left, God the Father on right and Holy Spirit is positioned between the two, forging the Holy Trinity. The painting measures 177.8cm x 132.08cm and forms an inverted triangle. Some experts claim it looks heart-shaped. Mary is the focus of the painting with modesty, emotion, and reverence. Her right hand is placed on her heart. The Coronation of the Virgin can be seen at the Museo del Prado.

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