13 Most Adorable Gustav Klimt Paintings

11. Nuda Veritas

Gustav Klimt paintings

Image Credit: The Left Hand of Feminism

This 1889 Gustav Klimt painting, is a study of the feminine form and encourages the viewer to think of the figure as a desirable woman, instead of an allegory. The painting isn’t intended to be a mediator of Secessionist beliefs. The finished work was published in the Ver Sacrum journal. The essential features of the composition are the same like other Klimt’s works. The Nuda Veritas painting was bought by dramatist and art critic Hermann Bahr, a supporter of the Secessionist movement.

12. Fritza Riedler

Gustav Klimt paintings

Image Credit: sartle

This 152 x 134 cm oil on canvas portrait is of the wife of Alois Riedler, an Austrian mechanical engineer, and is one of the most renowned Gustav Klimt paintings. It’s admired for the outstanding contrast between 3D effect and naturalism. While the geometric elements on the armchair highlight the 3D effect, the features on the wall behind Fritza’s head forge the perfect naturalist balance in the picture. Like many Gustav Klimt paintings, this one too is on display at the Österreichische Galerie Belvedere.

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13. Mother and Child

Gustav Klimt paintings

Image Credit: Pinterest

Considered as one of the best Gustav Klimt paintings, Mother and Child shows three women in three separate stages of life: child, motherhood, and old age. In this 198 x 178 cm painting, the old woman is seen covering her face, a thought supposedly inspired by The Old Courtesan statue by French sculptor François Auguste René Rodin. The painting was unveiled for public viewing for the first time in 1910 in Venice. It was bought by National Gallery of Modern Art, Rome, and has been on display there ever since.

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