15 Most Admirable Frank Lloyd Wright Houses

11. Kentuck Knob

Frank Lloyd Wright houses

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Just six miles off Fallingwater, is Kentuck Knob, a single-storied compact Usonian house, constructed on a hexagonal module. Serene but striking, Kentuck Knob stands more than 2,000 feet above sea level. It was constructed using tidewater red cypress and native sandstone that blends naturally with the surrounding. Cantilevered overhangs, an open floor plan, and great glass expanses further enhance the look of the house.

12. John and Catherine Christian House

Frank Lloyd Wright houses

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Also known as SAMARA, this house was built for Purdue University professor John Christian and his wife Catherine. It’s an inviting and bold example of Wright’s Usonian architecture, on a decidedly modest budget. SAMARA stands as a monument of Wright’s dedication to his clients and a testament to innovative design philosophies. Tours of the property and its surroundings are carried out from April to November.

13. Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio

Frank Lloyd Wright houses

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The creative cauldron. It was the designer’s home and laboratory where he experimented with unique concepts. Next to his home is the studio that buzzed with fellow architects and artisans. It was originally quite small but Wright designed several additions to the building over his two-decade stay in the house with his wife and six children. It’s a National Historic Landmark and has now been restored to a museum.

14. Meyer May House

Frank Lloyd Wright houses

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One of the masterpieces among all Frank Lloyd Wright houses, The Meyer May house was built in 1908-09. It’s located in Heritage Hill Historic District, Grand Rapids, Michigan. The house changed hands and was bought in the 1980s by Steelcase, which restored the house to its 1909 appearance. It was later opened to the public and was included in the Michigan State Register of Historic Sites in 1986.

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15. Wingspread

Frank Lloyd Wright houses

Image Credit: storyofwhere

Built in 1939, the Herbert F Johnson House, popularly known as Wingspread, is widely considered as one of the most striking Frank Lloyd Wright houses. The Johnsons donated the house to Johnson Foundation in 1959, following which the Wisconsin villa has been used for conferences and similar events. It is a National Historic Landmark.

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