15 Most Admirable Frank Lloyd Wright Houses

6. Nathan G Moore House

Frank Lloyd Wright houses

Image Credit: Panoramio

It’s also known as the Moore-Dugal Residence and one of the Frank Lloyd Wright buildings to be built twice. Frank, in 1895, built the house according to the Tudor Revival style. It was damaged in fire three decades later and Moore requested him to rebuild it. This time, Wright added his own signature touch to the building besides the Tudor style. The property is currently owned by the Dugal family and not far from Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio.

7. FF Tomek House

Frank Lloyd Wright houses

Image Credit: mcnees

It’s also known as the Ship House because of its looks. The FF Tomek House is among the first Prairie-style Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. The house was designed for Ferdinand Frederick Tomek and his wife Emily in 1906. The design was completed two years earlier. The house at Riverside, Illinois, passed through various hands after the Tomek family sold it off in 1924. The FF Tomek House, fortunately, was beautifully preserved, courtesy large-scale repairs in the 1970s.

8. Johnson Wax Headquarters

Frank Lloyd Wright houses

Image Credit: Chicago Elevated

Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Johnson Wax Headquarters building, Racine, Wisconsin, for Herbert F “Hib” Johnson, the president if SC Johnson and Sons. It’s one of the only two skyscrapers that Frank would go on to build in his career. One of the most striking features of the building are the tree-like lily pad columns present through the entire building.

9. Emil Bach House

Frank Lloyd Wright houses

Image Credit: chicagoreader

While Chicago is the home of several Frank Lloyd Wright houses, the Emil Bach House is unique because it’s the only building available as an event venue or vacation rental. The house, built in 1915, is another example of Wright’s Prairie-style construction. It was designed just before he shifted to more aesthetic and expressionist designs. Exhaustive restoration was carried out to the building, which now looks crisp and commanding.

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10. Rosenbaum House

Frank Lloyd Wright houses

Image Credit: winstonwatts

The Rosenbaum House was designed for Stanley Rosenbaum and his wife Mildred. This is the only Frank Lloyd Wright building in Albama. It’s one of those houses that the designer built for the middle-class. The house has various features that conform to the style’s defining elements like a compact layout, flat roof, and a strong visual connection between the outdoor and indoor spaces.

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