15 Most Admirable Frank Lloyd Wright Houses

Few architects in the world have had such a major effect on modern house designs, like Frank Lloyd Wright. He changed the face of contemporary living with carports, floor plans, and air-conditioning. Frank Lloyd Wright houses continue to inspire generations of designers. Many of his buildings were later handed over to charity and opened for public viewing. His influence on architectural aesthetics remains pervasive even after the turn of the century.

Here are some of the most famous Frank Lloyd Wright buildings.

1. Fallingwater

Frank Lloyd Wright houses

Image Credit: Archiinside

It’s also known as Kaufmann Residence, Fallingwater is perhaps the best of all Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, and not entirely without any reason. It was constructed between 1936 to 1938, over a waterfall in Fayette Country, Pennsylvania. The house was a summer retreat for German-American businessman Edgar J Kaufmann and his family. It was handed over to Western Pennsylvania County in 1963 and was thrown open to the public shortly after.

2. Dwight D Martin House

Frank Lloyd Wright houses

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The Dwight D Martin House was built between 1903 and 1905 and considered by several scholars as one of the best Frank Lloyd Wright houses and among his most important projects. The house was designed for the wealthy Chicago business family. It’s said that Martin was so impressed by Wright’s designs, he became one of his main sponsors during the early part of his career. Wright labeled his creation as “a well-nigh perfect composition.”

3. Taliesin

Frank Lloyd Wright houses

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The Taliesin was built on the land of Frank Lloyd Wright’s ancestral home. Besides being Wright’s summer abode, it was also the site of his primary studio. The house was named after a Welsh word, meaning “radiant brow”. The main complex was erected on a hilltop overlooking a valley and the adjacent lands. But the house was gutted in a couple of fires and both his studio and home had to be rebuilt. Several of his key projects were designed here.

4. Hollyhock House

Frank Lloyd Wright houses

Image Credit: Linda Hindley

It was designed for American oil baroness Aline Barnsdall. Constructed in Los Angeles, between 1919-21. The Hollyhock House was part of a larger theater and arts complex. But that was never complete. Barnsdall donated her house and property in 1927 to the Los Angeles city for use as a public arts park. The house, a beautiful example of Mayan Revival architecture, was included in the list of National Historic Landmark in 1927. It later became one of the many Frank Lloyd Wright houses to be nominated for inclusion in the list of World Heritage Sites.

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5. Ennis House

Frank Lloyd Wright houses

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It’s among the last four projects of textile block houses by Frank Lloyd Wright. Built in 1924 for Charles Ennis and his wife Mabel, the house bears a major influence of ancient Mayan architecture. Ennis House, like the Hollyhock, is one of the best examples of Mayan Revival style Frank Lloyd Wright houses. The style was very popular throughout the 1920s as well as the next decade. The house was bought by American investor Ronald Burkle in 2011. It has been extensively used in many Hollywood productions.

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