15 Mesmerizing Facts About Pablo Picasso

11. Picasso was a bad student

Pablo Picasso Facts

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Picasso was a terrible student and was always an irritant for his teachers. He himself accepted this fact and revealed how his teachers would banish him to a cell that had walls whitewashed and had only a bench for sitting. He was a brilliant child but was averse to taking orders from his teachers. Most often Picasso would be detained and kept out of class. While he would wait in the cell, he would paint and draw.

12. Picasso painted many naughty paintings

Pablo Picasso Paintings

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Picasso had a penchant for drawing erotic and naughty paintings. In his entire career, he drew many erotic paintings, the muses being his lovers and mistresses. Nudes painted by him have fetched million of dollars worldwide. His one particular portrait has a little message written underneath which translates to read ‘when you are in the mood to screw, screw’! A few of his paintings are based on the life of a young artist called Raphael and his associations with prostitutes.

13. Guernica is Picasso’s most famous painting

Pablo Picasso Paintings

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Pablo Picasso painted a politically inspired painting named Guernica that can be considered as one of his most famous arts. The painter made this beautiful work of art with oil and depicted the bombing of Guernica by the Nazis in the Spanish Civil War. The whole theme of this artwork is very powerful and was finished in the year 1937. Picasso used shades of white, black and gray to bring out the sufferer of the commoners during that period of chaos. The painting looks very eerie and shows how strongly Picasso felt against the heinous act committed by the Nazis.

14. The Blue Period paintings by Picasso were monochromatic

Pablo Picasso Paintings

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The Blue Period saw Picasso paint such works of art that depicted his inner state of depression and suffering. The period lasted from 1901 to 1904 when he was in the process of searching for fame and money. The paintings are all drawn using monochromatic tints of green and blue. The subjects of most paintings of this period are poverty, prostitution and grief. He also made paintings in remembrance of his close friend who committed suicide by shooting on right temple. Barcelona and Paris were the cities that became the venues for making the Blue Period paintings.

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15. Picasso drew paintings inspired by African artifacts

Pablo Picasso Paintings

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The African Influenced Period saw Picasso paint many such works of art that had African themes as subjects. The period lasted from 1907 to 1909 and mostly featured sculptures and masks associated with the various tribes of Africa. This period has also been termed as Negro Period as most of his paintings in these three years featured only black men and women. During this time, the world was getting to know about the untamed land of Africa and its mysterious tribes. This inspired the artist too. Pablo Picasso took an instant liking to a Dan Tribal Mask shown to him by Henri Matisse.

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