15 Mesmerizing Facts About Pablo Picasso

6. Picasso painted The Old Guitarist in 1903

Pablo Picasso Paintings

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The Old Guitarist, painted by Pablo Picasso was dedicated and drawn in remembrance of a close friend that committed suicide in 1903. This painting shows a blind man, stricken by poverty, playing guitar on the streets. The old famished man was Carlos Casagemas, Picasso’s friend. The look on the face of the man is of sadness. Both, he and Picasso were searching for money and fame, but the former gave up on his life when he committed suicide after facing a doomed love affair. Picasso was so badly affected that he painted The Old Guitarist.

7. Picasso’s first painting ‘Le Picador’ was completed when he was 9 years old

Pablo Picasso Facts

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Among the most famous Pablo Picasso paintings is the one that the master painter made when he was only nine years of age. This painting is called Le Picador which shows a man, probably a jockey riding a horse in a bullfight. This artwork is considered to be his very first and reflects how talented this little fellow was. Though, the painting has a few loopholes, yet, it does attract you.

8. Picasso founded Cubism – an art movement in 1909

Pablo Picasso Paintings

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The discovery of Cubism is termed as one of the greatest Pablo Picasso facts to be disclosed to the world. This Avant Garde movement in the field of art can be attributed to Picasso who co founded it with another man called Georges Braque. The year was 1909 when the two came out with the concept of using small cubical shapes to draw paintings. This art form revolutionized the sculptures and paintings of European style and is considered to be the greatest art discovery of the 20th century.

9. Picasso had many lovers and wives

Pablo Picasso Facts

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This great artist was a well know casanova and a playboy. Picasso had a gala time as far as his love life was concerned. He had many love affairs and marriages too. The list of women he dated or had affairs with are many and include names like Marcelle Humbert, Olga Khokhlova, Fernande Olivier, Dora Maar and Marie-Thérèse Walter. Some of these women started out as lovers and soon became wives of this artist. Many women left him for he was a narcissist who loved himself more than anyone.

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10. Picasso’s paining Le Rêve got punctured just a day before its sale

Pablo Picasso Paintings

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The painting Le Rêve was agreed to be sold by a casino owner called Steve Wynn for a whopping $139 million. But as luck would have it, Wynn punctured the painting as his elbow went through it accidentally. The literal translation of Le Rêve in English means The Dream and was painted by Picasso using oil paint. This painting depicts Picasso’s mistress Marie-Thérèse Walter taking a nap on a chair and has oodles of eroticism in its content.

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