15 Magnificent Renaissance Paintings

11. The School of Athens

Italian Renaissance Art

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Along with Michelangelo and Da Vinci stood shoulder to shoulder another Renaissance artist named Raphael. He was more than two decades younger than both of the above mentioned greats but his work is still remembered to this day for the culmination of best skills and usage by various artists. He collaborated the use of color, light work, rounded forms and daily life scenarios from many famous artists into one unified work. One such piece is The School of Athens.

12. The Brera Madonna

Italian Renaissance Art

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Giovanni Bellini, brother in law of Antonello de Messina, came into picture when his work was highlighted by being inspired by Mantegna. He too dived into creating Madonna’s using deep color schemes and fine stroking with clean tones. One such work is The Brera Madonna which is known for its ambiguity of depicting baby Jesus. Although it is not really like that. Maybe that’s why only an artist is sure of his or her art.

13. The Tempest

Renaissance Art History

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Giorgione, the pupil of Giovanni Bellini became a show stealer when he came into picture among the Renaissance artists. His very famous painting, The Tempest, depicted human life with an objective reality in theme while the use of colors and background landscape showed his attention to detailing. He later did create some pieces on Christ but that was not really sure whether it was intended to be like that or not.

14. Battle of San Romano

Renaissance Art History

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Paolo Uccello’s painting, Battle of San Romano was made to portray splendid geometric forms and mathematical projections. He was master in depicting a certain depth in his paintings that only a person with artistic eye could catch. Besides that, he was also into creating architectural styles in his work displaying detailing in his art form.

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15. The Last Supper

Renaissance Art History

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Often regarded as the Renaissance Man, Leonardo da Vinci was widely acclaimed for his work because it was not just paintings that he created, it was his immense expertise in other areas of interest that led him to create his work. One of his works, The Last Supper, highlighted the normality in daily life while subtly being a religious narrative. He was also recognized as a philosopher, physicist, mathematician and an original thinker.

Renaissance art history is rich in themes as well as in the diversity of works that were accomplished during that time. Not only was a great deal of work created in this rich period of art, but Renaissance paintings still create a sense of awe and mystery even now among us. Besides just creation of art, there were admirable pieces of craft that were created during the Renaissance art period. It included sculptures and statues for which Michelangelo was famous for. After this period there was a shift in themes as new artists came up and the cultural narrative moved ahead with onset of trade and industrial revolution.

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