15 Magnificent Renaissance Paintings

6. The Gonzaga Family

Renaissance Painting

Image Credit: book530

Beginning at the age of seventeen, Mantegna turned into an artist when the Renaissance period began in Italy. Among his best works is The Gonzaga Family which rather than showing larger themes and philosophies, simply focuses on the everyday life in a royal family. He was not into depicting imagination but real world in a plain sense and wanted to connect with ordinary viewer.

7. Madonna and Child Enthroned

Renaissance Painting

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Antonello da Messina successfully tried the use of colors in his works. One of his best ones is Madonna and Child Enthroned. Besides that, you’ll see the obvious use of lack of light patterns all through his painting. This work with light experimentation and dark color use depicted a deep sense of bond between the mother and child.

8. The Birth of Venus

Italian Renaissance Art

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In the High Renaissance period, a lot of artists created works that revolved around Venus and one such work came from Botticelli, The Birth of Venus. Venus was then considered comparable to Virgin Mary and took the place of Eve who was depicted before the onset of Venus. It was a way to praise the feminine body in a sense that was not objectifying yet appreciating.

9. Rogier van der Weyden – Oil paintings

Italian Renaissance Art

Image Credit: blogspot

From 1450 onwards, the Flemish painter Rogier van der Weyden tried his hand successfully at oil painting. The oil paintings took time in being created and the results were worth the effort. The transparency and depth of oils could be easily varied to portray different views without specifically using the change in light scheme. It was a great way to diverge into varying styles while still being in the Italian Renaissance period.

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10. The Creation of Adam

Italian Renaissance Art

Image Credit: michelangelo

Michelangelo created his much renowned work in the Italian Renaissance art and his themes were very peculiar for that time. He focused more on suffering of humans and how Jesus would be a savior to the soul of mankind. This is visible in The Creation of Adam. He was also acknowledged for the great sculptures that he made during this period besides his amazing work in painting. He is a remarkable artist in true sense.

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