13 Stunning Facts About America’s Founding Fathers

11. Gouverneur Morris had a sad life

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Morris had a peg leg; because he had broken a leg while jumping from the bedroom of a woman he was having an affair with, while the woman’s husband was enraged. The man died in the year 1816, when he contracted a urinary tract infection and had a lot of problem while urinating. Since he was in such pain, in order to relieve himself he struck a whale bone on the eye of his penis which ultimately lead to his death.

12. Alexander Hamilton’s political career came to an end because of sex

Founding Fathers list

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Hamilton had a sex scandal to his name, which spread far and wide, ultimately costing him his entire career.

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13. Charles Carroll was the last surviving signer of the declaration of independence

Founding Fathers list

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Not many know about Charles Carol, he outlived all the other founding fathers of America and lived for a good 95 years.

A lot has been said about the American founding fathers however, they all had some secrets and their personalities did have some vices. This should make us believe that even the greats have flaws in them, and that does not alter or reduce their greatness; in fact it adds more dimensions to their personalities.

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