13 Stunning Facts About America’s Founding Fathers

6. John Adams named his dog Satan

Founding Fathers list

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Yes, it is a fact that John Adam had a dog who he named Satan. It was satan who lived with him in the White house. Also John Adams happens to be one of the only president from the first five who never had held on to salves.

7. Alexander Hamilton’s age is a debatable topic

Founding Fathers list

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Alexander Hamilton was born in the Island of Nevis which is located in West Indies, which means he was not born in America. When he was all of 13, he was orphaned and really needed an apprenticeship to support himself. So when asked about his age, he answered, it was 11; as opposed to his real age which was 13, as it would make him a desirable candidate. Till date, historians debate on his age. It was Hamilton who founded the New York Post.

8. Benjamin Franklin had many mistresses

Founding Fathers

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Benjamin Franklin was a Renaissance man; he was good at reasoning and was a very popular politician. But apart from all that he was a big advocate for sex! He believed that men should get married at a young age, and if they don’t then they must find older women as lovers, because older women are a lot more grateful comparatively. Franklin’s legal wife was Deborah Read, but there have been many evidences proving that he had many mistresses! His wife even mothered one of his illegitimate sons.

9. George Washington was worried of being buried alive!

Founding Fathers list

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George Washington was a very strong-willed man, who ensured victories in a number of battle fought by America. But, very few people know, that he was afraid of being buried alive. In fact he was buried 3 days after his death!

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10. Francis Hopkinson was the man behind designing the American flag?

Founding Fathers

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Another name in the American founding father list was Francis Hopkins. He was a lesser known signee of the declaration, but he was a very creative man. It is said, that he was the man behind designing the American flag. He asked for a quarter cask of the public wine as a payment for his work which was led down by the government. Later he asked for a sum of 2,700 pounds for his effort and the government let him down again because they believed the design of the flag was a cumulative effort and not an individual’s work.

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