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14 Facts about W.EB. Du Bois Life and Contribution

William Edward Burghardt Du Bois was an American historian, author, editor, and social activist. He, along with American civil rights activist and Nobel laureate Martin Luther King Jr, was perhaps the most prominent Black protest leader in the US during the 20th century. The facts about W.EB. Du Bois are often the source of inspiration

15 Most Disastrous Pandemics That Changed History

It’s a known fact that pandemics change the course of humanity forever. While thousands die and economies collapse, containing the epidemic outbreak poses a major challenge to governments all over the world. There have been several pandemics in history that led to more deaths than in wars. Here are 15 of the most disastrous pandemics

15 Fearless Female Warriors of Ancient World

Who was the greatest female warrior in history? The question is often asked by many as historical facts mostly speak of men and their valor on the battlefield. Female warriors in history, since the times of Cleopatra and even before, had made a noticeable impact in shaping the course of events. Their influence and inspiration

15 Unknown Facts About Indus Valley Civilization

Also known as the Harappan Civilization, the Indus Valley Civilization was the largest of the world’s four great ancient civilizations. It covered an area that consisted of a significant part of India, most of modern Pakistan and parts of Afghanistan. Although the date of its beginning is not known till now, its collapse due to

15 Famous Female Spies in History

Secret agents. Spies and Experts of Espionage! It is hard to find anybody, who isn’t intrigued by spies and enjoys a good action flick that features them. Many a times, we envision ourselves as a spy like James Bond performing heroic feats and dangerous missions. As fascinating as the world of spies is, it is

Top 13 Persian Inventions That Will Surprise You

A number of the modern society’s most cherished ideas and objects that are used in our day to day lives go back several decades into the past! The Persian civilization in specific can be credited with many of the inventions that we simply cannot live without! Did you know that the refrigerator, battery, and even

Top 21 Greatest Inventors in History and Their Inventions

How do we call someone the greatest inventor? That may be a misnomer since there are thousands of inventions that have had a far-reaching impact on human life in their own way. Nonetheless, we still consider some inventions as pathbreaking, those that changed our lives for the better. The greatest inventors are those whose inventions

Unknown Leonardo da Vinci Facts and His Famous Inventions

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) is widely regarded as one of the most versatile geniuses to have ever walked the earth. He was an artist, inventor, architect and everything scientific. He was the quintessential ‘Renaissance man’ since his intellect and expertise cut across various disciplines. While the Leonardo da Vinci paintings are what he is best